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Erich Hartmann


Sometimes I am thinking about the timeless photos. What are they made of? Why is it that every time we look at one, something new is unveiled. Just see the image above. Is it his face, is it the way they hold hands, is it the beers that will be drained, or the ones that are almost finished? Is it the guy in the background, or the feeling that James Joyce is sitting in the […]

The Place of the Cloud People by Matt Black


“The Mixteca, a remote mountain range in southern Mexico, is one of the most isolated and impoverished regions in the world. Named by the Aztecs as “The Place of the Cloud People,” the region’s rugged landscape has insulated its people from the outside world since before the conquest. Still today, pre-Columbian languages like Mixteco, Trique, and Asmuzgos are spoken more widely than Spanish, and cars, electricity and indoor plumbing are recent introductions, if they exist […]

Josef Hoflehner


Just look at this special combination of simplicity, clarity and focus. He is also equally good in colour and black and white. For me, his photos do tell stories, sometimes even novels his site is here

Frank Machalowski


Meet Frank Machalowski and his crazy never ending search for authenticity achieved with composite images. Here is a video of him talking about his creative process: You can jump down into the rabbit holes masked as his website and his tumblr

Hajime Kimura


Hajime Kimura is one of those Japanese photographers I deeply admire. I love everything about his work – the grit, the moments he chooses to capture, the bold contrast, the faces, the spaces, you name it. Published in TIME, The New York Times, Newsweeek, Le Monde Magazine, Boston Globe, Esquire, npr, AERA, Kazeno-Tabibito. His work is here



This is a very interesting project for me. Good mixture between idealised perception and brutal honesty. “BUTCH is an exploration. BUTCH exists. BUTCH is an homage to the bull-daggers, dykes, manly women and female husbands before me. BUTCH is acceptance to the baby butches, young studs, gender queers, and dykes that continue to bloom in the face of societal norms.” Text & images here