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The art of Vieux Mbadji


“The art of Vieux Mbadji, who lives and works on Gorée Island. He let me take these on the condition that I provide contact info. He’s a lovely guy so if you appreciate his work then tell him so yourself at or (+221) 77 763 9959.” via@

Lee Jin Ju


Take out your magnifying glass and start exploring. It’s mesmerising. “Lee depicts dreamy psychological scenes triggered by emotion and memory of pain, sorrow, and negativity.” Don’t forget to scroll all the way down

Diving in the large format photography


They say everything you want is on the other side of fear. Let’s see if there is some wisdom in it. I am terrified by the complexity, unpredictability and the slowness of the large format photography, but may be I will find what I was looking for all that time beyond this fear. Time will tell, I am diving in. Wish me luck and patience, I will need both.